Evaluate a soybean yield

Before starting the estimation, be sure to have a measuring tape and a 30-feet rope on hand.

Record County name and GPS location on worksheet provided. Download “My GPS Coordinates” app from applicable app store (free app)
Measure row spacing and record on worksheet.
Measure 2 x 10 foot row lengths.
Count the total number of plants in each 10 foot row and record.
Randomly select 2 plants from each 10 foot row length (4 plants total).
Count all pods on selected plants and determine the average from these 4 plants. There will most likely be small pods on each plant. WE WILL COUNT ANY POD THAT MEASURES 1/4 INCH OR MORE.)
Rate soybean maturity against the index provided.
Record all data on sheets provided.
Team lead to forward sheets to Ashleigh at Farms.com before 4pm each day. Take clear photo of entire worksheet, or scan and email, or fax. Email: ashleigh.benedict@farms.com Fax: 519-821-1624
Note the GPS coordinates or use the GPS positioning tool on your cell phone

Evaluate a soybean yield

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