About GrainYLD

GrainYLD is a tool that allows to estimate yields of future crops using different estimation methods. This first version of the tool integrates the ProFarmer method adapted by the Tournée des Grandes Cultures in Quebec for corn and soybean.

GrainYLD may be used on an individual basis, at the farm, in group or for tours. To learn more about how to use this tool in a group setting or as part of a tour : TOUR AND GROUP.

No user fee is charged for this tool. In order to save up to 10 results and download them (charges apply), you have to create an account. If you wish to use this tool on a regular basis and keep record of an unlimited number of results, you have to subscribe to GrainYLD+.

To add an estimation method to this tool or to get further information on GrainYLD: info@grainwiz.com

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Pending invitations

As a GrainYLD member, you could participate to estimation tours or groups created by peers.